Our DUI Courses

Level 1 DUI course

Course Description: Court-ordered or DMV mandated class and evaluation after a first DUI or Felony Drug Arrest (F.S.S.893). The program includes two parts:

A one-hour individual, private evaluation interview

Class instruction (two 6-hour classes or three 4-hour classes) involving lecture, videos,discussion, and group interaction.

Length: 12 hours plus interview

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Level 2 DUI course

Course Description: Court-ordered or DMV mandated class and evaluation for individuals with more than one DUI arrest and/or DUI amended to Reckless Driving in their lifetime and those who have previously attended a DUI school. The program includes two parts:

A one-hour individual, private evaluation interview

Length: 21 hours plus interview

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Online Traffic School Programs

See Our Full List Of Traffic School Programs And DUI Courses. Now Offering Unique And Exclusive Online PAYMENT PLANS! Act Now And Get Your Hardship License. Keep Your Driving Privileges, You Have 10 Days To Apply From Your Arrest Date.

4-Hours Basic Driver Improvement

This 4-hour traffic basic driver improvement course is designed to assist drivers with safe driving strategies, accident prevention, and overall safety precautions


6-Hours Basic Driver Improvement

The Mature Driver Course is a state-approved course by the Department Highway Safety Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) for drivers 55 and older. Drivers that complete this course...


8-Hours Basic Driver Improvement

This Intermediate course is 8 hours, for those who have recently taken a 4 hour class. It is an extended basic driver improvement curriculum focusing on driving strategies...


12-Hours Basic Driver Improvement

This 12-hour advanced driver improvement course is designed for multiple traffic offenders and other high-risk drivers who have had their license suspended or revoked.


What Happens When You Get A DUI ?

It’s Important To Know If You Do Not Act Within 10 Days To Get Your Hardship License After Your Arrest:

A: If Your Refuse To Submit To A Breathalyzer; You Get A 90 Day Suspension Before You Can Get Your Hardship Drivers License.

B: If You Blow A .08 Or Above; You Get A 30 Day Suspension Before You Can Get Your Hardship License.

If You Don’t Enroll To Get Your Hardship License Within 10 Days, Your Driving Privileges Can Be Suspended For 6-8 Months. Never Lose Your Ability To Drive For Work Will Your Criminal Trial Is Pending, Which Can Take Up To 18 Months Or More!

After Enrolling Into A DUI Program, You Must Go To The Hearing Office At 3708 W.Oakland Park Blvd Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Or 1299 Lantana Road, Lantana, FL To Recover An Immediate Reinstatement Of Your Driving Priveledges On A Restricted Basis.




Unique And Exclusive Online Payment Plans Now Available

We understand that the stress and inconvenience that comes with getting a DUI. Our goal is to make your DUI Course one that doesn’t add to that stress. DUI’s are expensive but they don’t have to bury you in a financial burden. Pay for your classes with our convenient payment plan options.

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Our Special Supervision Services

Individuals through an application process are screened for eligibility into the BAIID. Admission criteria includes:

An applicant with a 5 year revocation must wait twelve (12) months from the revocation date to apply.

An applicant with a 10 year revocation must wait twenty-four (24) months from the revocation date to apply

Both 5 & 10 year applicants must not drive or use any alcohol /illegal drugs within the twelve (12) months prior to the application process.

Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device or breath alcohol ignition interlock device (IID and BAIID) is a mechanism like a breathalyzer, inside your motor vehicle. Mobile devices may be available for upon request on a case by case basis.

Before the vehicle’s motor can be started, the driver first must exhale into the device. If the breath-alcohol concentration in the person’s breath is greater than the allowed state guideline limit, the device prevents the engine from being started. Required to have an IID installed on your vehicle? Contact Us for More Information

Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson Testimonial

Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson is a former NFL linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Oilers and Miami Dolphins. Henderson was a first round draft pick, Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion. Thomas Henderson has a storied career in the NFL but was perhaps most known for his off the field troubles. “Hollywood” Henderson suffered from addiction for many years but has since turned his life around with the help of drug addiction counseling. Now over 30 years clean and sober, Thomas Henderson now spends his time lecturing across the country, changing the lives of thousands of people suffering from addiction.

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